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Holiday Loans

Holiday loans can be used for the expenditures of Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and holiday loans can even help you through until New Years. Holiday loans can replace the absence of a holiday bonus or perhaps bridge the gap between pay periods. Holiday loans can help make the holidays less economically severe. Holiday loans are priceless during the holiday season. Holiday loans help families nationwide deal with the financial burdens of the holidays.

RV, Motorcycle, Boat Loans

If you're looking for some adventure, we offer flexible terms and low rates on recreation loans to help you enjoy your free time in style. Loans for RVs, Boats, and Motorcylcles financing is available for members with the credit union five plus years or longer. Up to 100% financing, depending on credit qualifications required.Competitive rates and great terms makes buying the recreational vehicle of your dreams a reality. Contact the Sylvania Area Federal Credit Union!

  • Motorcycles and Personal Watercraft Loans
  • Financing
  • Easy Terms
  • Loans for New and Used

Payday Loans (Stretch Pay)
Sylvania Area Federal Credit Union may provide its members with payday loans (Stretch Pay) when you need fast cash without all the hassles, and our services are available to all our members. Are you short on cash and / or credit? Are you short, not only on cash, but also on time? We have the answer for you! Payday loans (Stretch Pay) can be obtained quickly. Apply now with SAFCU to receive your Payday Loan approval.

Overdraft Protection
A checking account can be a great feature to allow access and management of ones finances. Having a line of credit backing your checking account to write checks for more than the actual account balance instead of getting charged for bouncing a check and returned check fees, overdraft credit protection will in effect provide you with an instant loan / credit use. Overdraft protection is still significantly less than the bounced check fee.

Competitive rates and great terms makes buying the car of your dreams a reality. Contact the Sylvania Area Federal Credit Union to get a pre-approval before you go shopping!

Car Loans

SAFCU is at 3.24% for a new car. A great rate that won't last long.

Fast online application - get approved in minutes

Visit us at or call Pat at 419-882-3525

Student Loans (Tuition)

With our tuition loan, you have a 12 month period to pay on educational expenses of up to $6,000 per child. We will even make the checks out directly to the School of your choice. 

Home Equity Loans

With low closing costs and a fixed rate, you can never go wrong with a SAFCU Home Equity*. We will lend up to 80% of your homes value minus the balance left on your existing mortgage. Please see the following example:

Let's say your home values for $100,000. We could lend up to 80% of the value minus the balance on your 1st Mortgage (ex. $70,000).

$100,000 x 80% = $80,000
$10,000 (Lending amount)

* Application fee may apply.

Home Improvement Loans

Borrow up to $10,000 using your home as collateral. You can use it for any type of home improvement.

* Application fee may apply.

Personal / Signature Loans

Sometimes unexpected things happen. Consolidation, Holiday expenses, home repairs are just a few reasons to apply for our signature loan of up to $5,000. One signature loan per family.

Car Loan
      VISA Credit Cards

Using your Sylvania Area Federal Credit Union VISA has never been easier.
Traveling, shopping, dining out even online. Just another way SAFCU makes your life easier. 

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